Room Mates – Gen Fest 2021

Room Mates is part of Gen Fest 2021, a week long Autumn festival that will showcase the work of Generate artists who have been working closely with Royal & Derngate to create new work.

Four male friends in their mid thirties are struggling to afford rent. PrintAfter advertising a vacancy for their spare room their prayers are answered in the form of two beautiful women.

The two claim to be sisters, and with all their charisma and charm, the friends decide to rent their spare room to the mysterious pair without much question.

Things are not what they seem… their new Room Mates are in fact, criminals who have come to collect.

Watch the story unfold, resulting in deadly consequences.

Room Mates, written by Zach Devereux is supported by the Royal & Derngate Generate Programme.

Nov 21
Time: 7.30pm
Venue: Royal
Age: 16+