Northampton Gilbert & Sullivan Group – The Gondoliers

Northampton Gilbert & Sullivan Group are delighted to be returning to the Royal Auditorium with that well-loved favourite, The Gondoliers.

The Gondoliers tells the story of Marco and Giuseppe, two jolly Gondoliers, who learn that one of them is no lesser person than the heir to the throne of Barataria…. Unfortunately, due to a slight mix up as young boys, nobody is entirely sure which is which.

Seemingly delighted  with the situation, the pair agree to share the responsibilities of governing their new kingdom until it can be ascertained which of them is the King, but matters become more complicated when the Duke and Duchess of Plaza Toro arrive and reveal that their beautiful daughter, Casilda, was married to the future King as an infant.

The only problem is that Marco and Giuseppe have just married Tessa and Gianetta… and Casilda is in love with her father’s attendant Luiz…

Will love find a way? Who is the King?  Where exactly is Barataria…to find out some, if not all of these answers join us as we head to Venice and The Gondoliers.

Combining the razor-sharp wit of Gilbert, and containing some of Sullivan’s best loved and most memorable music, Director Leon Berger once more brings his unique vision to the stage with what promises to be a ‘Cachucha’ of a production.

Due to the Covid pandemic, this production was re-scheduled from a previous date. Please see our Impacted Shows page for more details. 

Apr 22
Apr 22
Venue: Royal