Neil Oliver & Nick Knowles – Does History Repeat Itself?


For the first time, two of the most recognisable faces of British broadcasting will try and answer one of the most emotive and topical questions of our time, “who are the British and how we got to where we are now?”

What has gone before keeps happening again, and the real price is always paid, in blood, sweat and tears, by the same people. It is overlooked and forgotten souls who have always done the heavy lifting and bear the burden of history.

This country was heaved into place by serfs and slaves, villeins and labourers. The ships that carried  trade and transported the fighting men…the swords and longbows they wielded in battle…the ploughshares the farmers walked behind, the trees that were felled to build battleships and homes great and small…the stones shaped for cathedrals and the scaffolding that raised them up…every ounce of the coal that heated the furnaces…every ounce of metal mined from beneath our feet…all of it was the product of the effort and toil, the skill and endeavour of the common men and women of our past, bonded by common purpose.

This is a fanfare for the common man and woman – because the shoulders we stand upon today, are theirs. The nameless, unheralded, and un-mourned. Ignored until now.

It is time to meet the common folk as Nick and Neil turn the spotlight on those who gave their all for the Britain we know today.

Mar 22
Time: 7.30pm
Venue: Derngate