Lulu – On Fire

A singer, songwriter, actress and national treasure are all labels that have been attributed to Lulu. Her powerhouse performances have ensured a loyal following of fans who come out year after year to witness a legend at work. If you haven’t seen Lulu live, then don’t miss this special opportunity as she recounts her remarkable life, including a career that has outshone many of her contemporaries.

On Fire is a show packed full of hits, in which Lulu takes us on her own personal journey through her music. Supported by a 4-piece band, LED screen with carefully selected family and career defining moments,  Lulu will have you sitting, standing, dancing, singing, laughing and simply listening to an amazing story that started on 3 November 1948.

Something to shout about?  Lulu has plenty!

Oct 19
Time: 7.30pm
Venue: Derngate
Duration: 135 minutes approx.