Edmond de Bergerac

Meet the man behind the nose!

Starring Freddie Fox and Josie LawrenceEdmond De Bergerac is the multi-award-winning comedy by French writer Alexis Michalik, coming to Northampton on its uproarious way to the West End.

December 1897, Paris. Playwright Edmond Rostand is approaching his 30th birthday with no new plays but a whole lot of worries. He has not written anything in two years and in desperation has promised a new play to the acting superstar, Constant Coquelin.

A desperate Edmond draws on his problems to write a new comedy. It will be an unbelievable tale about the demands of his producers, the whims of the actresses, the jealousy of his wife, his doubting colleagues and the romantic adventures of his best friend. It shall be called Cyrano de Bergerac!

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Apr 19
Apr 19
Venue: Royal
Duration: TBC
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