A Passage To India

Based on the novel A Passage To India by E. M. Forster.
Adapted by Simon Dormandy

British India. A jagged pavement of cultures split under Imperial pressure. An Indian doctor befriends an Englishwoman and his kindness leads to disaster, an accusation of sexual assault and a farcical trial where bonds are broken and minds harden to hatred.

E. M. Forster’s sweeping masterpiece poses a question that is even more urgent today than when it was first asked: how can we love one another in a world divided by culture and belief?

simple8 are a breathtaking young ensemble company whose work is often compared to Complicite or Kneehigh in their ability to create richly imagined worlds out of nothing but a bare stage. Their new adaptation of one of the great novels of the twentieth century reimagines A Passage To India for contemporary Britain.

Arts Council England

Jan 18
Jan 18
Venue: Royal