Opportunity for local migrant artists to work with Royal & Derngate

Are you a first generation migrant theatre maker based in the UK? 

Are you excited about making co-created work for and with local communities?

Projekt Europa is launching a new opportunity to develop your creative ideas for co-created work in collaboration with your local theatre.

In partnership with Royal & Derngate, Mercury Colchester and Rose Theatre, Kingston, Projekt Europa is awarding 9 micro-commissions in total, each worth £750, to migrant theatre makers to develop ideas for co-created work in their local community.

If selected, Projekt Europa will commission you to create an artistically ambitious concept for production, with co-creation at the heart of your idea. Over ten weeks, Projekt Europa will support and champion you and your work, helping you to develop a strong relationship with your local theatre, with the opportunity to share your idea with the respective artistic leadership team for programming consideration.

Artistic Director of Projekt Europa, Maria Aberg, says:

“I am thrilled to be working with Royal & Derngate to amplify international voices. We want to elevate migrant-led co-creation projects, to encourage artists to make bold, ambitious work for and with their communities, in collaboration with theatres they may not have had a relationship with before. By working with migrant artists and communities we will support, inspire and empower them to ensure the future strength and resilience of our theatre sector.”

Projekt Elevate is part of Projekt Europa’s new ambitious programme supporting and promoting the work of over 40 migrant artists across the UK.

The programme also includes:

Projekt Empower – a mentorship scheme which will pair 10 emerging first generation migrant theatre makers with 10 of the country’s most successful migrant artists in a 5-month programme designed to build a community of support and inspiration across the country. The mentees will be discovered through an open callout and will be partnered with one of the following mentors: Omar Elerian, Mehmet Ergen, Anna Fleischle, Kaisa Hammarlund, Thusitha Jayasundera, Arinzé Kene, Ingrid Mackinnon, Lucian Msamati, Hyemi Shin and Caroline Steinbeis.

Projekt Encounter – a 20-week community engagement programme for first generation migrants in Kent who have little to no previous engagement with the arts. Building on Projekt Europa’s previous work in Canterbury, they will collaborate with a leading artist to develop and deliver an ambitious programme of workshops, with the aim of building an informal community ensemble at The Marlowe Theatre.


Projekt Elevate – Frequently Asked Questions

What is it?

We are looking for first generation migrant theatre makers to develop ideas for co-created work in their local communities.

How will it work?

Following a national callout, Projekt Europa will identify 9 artists in total and support them for ten weeks in developing production proposals for their local theatre. We will provide artistic, dramaturgical and practical advice, and facilitate the collaboration between the artists and the theatres. At the end of the programme, the artists will present their ideas back to the artistic leadership teams of each theatre, who will consider them for production.

What do we mean by co-create?

By co-create we mean a collaborative process of making work which encourages professional artists and community members to work together to make and present a piece of theatre. We understand the collaborative process as an integral part of the idea, and the idea wouldn’t be able to exist without the co-created element.

Who is eligible to apply?

– You are a first generation migrant living in the UK (please see our definition of first generation migrant below)
– You are a theatre maker with an interest in co-created work and consider Royal & Derngate to be your local theatre

– There is no age limit on applications and students are welcome to apply
– We ask that applicants self-determine whether they have enough experience and skill to deliver an ambitious co-created project, if you believe that you do, you are eligible to apply.

How do I know if I am a first generation migrant?

We recognise that there are many circumstances by which you can identify as a first generation migrant. To help, we have included suggested definitions (examples only) as articulated by Migrants in Theatre (link to the full document here):

● You do not hold a British passport but reside primarily in the UK, or
● You have moved to the UK after spending formative years abroad, or
● You weren’t born in the UK and have English as a second language, or
● You moved to the UK as a child, are culturally British and hold a British passport but still seen as a migrant in the eyes of decision makers (especially if your name is foreign, if you are from the global majority, if you trained abroad etc.), or
● You are an asylum seeker in the UK, or
● You are a refugee in the UK, or
● You are undocumented in the UK

You may recognise yourself under one or more of these points, or none at all. Either way, please do apply if you consider yourself to be a first generation migrant.

What are the dates?

Successful applicants will be contacted at the end of March. We are anticipating 3-4 online meetings across the subsequent 10 weeks, with the final pitches taking place in June 2022.

What is the fee?

Each artist will be given a £750 commission to develop their idea.

How do I apply?

To apply, please answer the following questions using 300-500 words for each response:
1. In recent times which piece of theatre has most inspired you and why?
2. Describe a project that you’d really like to make that you believe is in some way relevant to this callout.

Please send your answers to [email protected] with the email subject ‘PROJEKT ELEVATE application’ along with a CV and a brief description of your current relationship (if any) to your local theatre.

The deadline for applications is Mon 14 March at midnight.

You also need to complete an Equal Opportunities form, otherwise we won’t be able to consider your application. You can find that here: Equal Opportunities Form

If you’d rather send us a video with your responses, please ensure the video is no longer than 6 minutes and email us a link to view it on [email protected]. Please note that we are not able to download video files.

If you need translation support with your application please contact Projekt Europa and they will provide support. If an artist is commissioned who needs translation support, this will be provided.

If you have any other questions about your application, Projekt Europa are hosting an informal information session on Monday 21 February at 10am GMT. To join this session, please book a ticket here.

This session will be hosted by artistic director Maria Aberg and company producer Katie Clark.

What happens next?

All applications will be reviewed by Projekt Europa and Royal & Derngate. We will let you know by the end of March if you have been selected. We will respond to all applicants, regardless of whether or not you are successful.

About Projekt Europa

Founded in 2020, PROJEKT EUROPA is an international theatre company making new work by migrant theatre makers for local and global audiences. We make theatre from an international perspective, exploring new sustainable ways of collaborating across borders. We are resident company at The Marlowe Theatre in Canterbury, and from this base we originate, develop and produce our work.


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