Give a Smile for Christmas project

Our Arts Leaders continue to work hard to improve the lives of others, and recently they have been very busy with their Give a Smile for Christmas project. Here are some of the highlights:

Christmas Hampers
They raised money to produce 30 food hampers for families in Northampton who are going through difficult times.

Christmas Cards
They designed their own Christmas cards which printer Tangerine Red kindly printed for free as their donation to the project. Funds raised went towards the Christmas hampers.

Some of the cards were sent to members of the Armed Forces who are receiving treatment in MOD Recovery Centres so that they know they are in people’s thoughts. Some had stamps put on the envelopes and were given to local homeless charities to enable those without homes to send Christmas cards home to family and friends.

Some of the Arts Leaders have also volunteered at Animal Shelter Christmas events.

We would also like to thank Roger Martin and Star Digital for their generous donation to the project.